The department of Pharmaceutics is involved in the teaching of theoretical and practical courses of two major subjects for undergraduate students:


It is the discipline of Pharmacy that deals with the processing of chemical entities into medication that can be safely and effectively used by patients in the community. It is the science of dosage form design, i.e. the formulation of pure drug substances into a dosage form. It is the only discipline that is exclusively studied in the Faculty of Pharmacy. This subject includes many branches with Pharmacy Practice being the most evolving. It is taught as part of the undergraduate B.Pharm. program in the second, third, fourth and fifth years. Courses include: Dispensing, Pharmaceutical calculations, Physical pharmacy, Pharmaceutical technology, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Stability and Packaging.

 Pharmaceutical Microbiology:

This discipline of Pharmacy deals with the application of Microbiology in Pharmaceutical technology and research. Microorganisms can be harmful causing diseases. On the other hand they can be beneficial, being used in production of antibiotics, insulin, growth hormones, vaccines, etc. The subject is taught as part of the undergraduate B.Pharm program in the fourth and fifth year. Courses include: Properties of microorganisms, Immunology, Antimicrobial agents, Sterilization, and Immunological products.

 Postgraduate Degrees

The department of Pharmaceutics has major contributions in Postgraduate studies that are beneficial to the reputation of the Faculty of Pharmacy and to the Sudanese community.

 Postgraduate degrees by courses:

1-    Master in Clinical Pharmacy.

  Postgraduate Degrees by research:

1-    M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutics.

2-    M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

3-    Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics.

4- Ph. D. in Pharmacetical Microbiology.

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