Master by course

This master degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology programme will focus on the new developments in the production of therapeutic proteins and biopharmaceuticals, DNA-based vaccines, organisms, downstream processing and characterization, bioinformatics, advanced molecular principles, pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine and research methods.

The mission of the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology programme is to promote education and research in biotechnology and provide academic and professional excellence for immediate productivity in academic, industrial, governmental, or clinical settings for an ultimate benefit of society and environment.


It offers the student comprehensive information and insights in pharmaceutical biotechnology and development of biopharmaceuticals. Student will gain understanding in both scientific knowledge of designing and producing novel biologics and business challenges in biopharmaceutical companies including regulatory issues.

Desired learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Elucidate scientific principles for genomics and proteomics in product development
  • Design and produce novel biological products
  • Explain the components of biological molecules production pipelines, development, analysis, and assessment
  • Apply techniques and advanced research to solve problems and challenges in development of biological and drugs in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry
  • Provide opportunities for commercial, financial, pharmaceutical management and biopharmaceuticals quality control