Master by course

The course composed of 19 modules (core courses) with a total of 38 credit hours, taught in four semesters and extended over a period of 18 months. There shall not be less than 15 weeks during each semester followed by examination that shall be conducted at the end of each semester for the respective subject.


First semester:

The first semester will cover the basic and advances in genomics, proteomics and cellular biology and advances in immunology related to drug. Upon completion of this semester student will have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the drug target and the biology behind it.


Second semester:

The second semester will cover the basic knowledge of the natural products, enzymology and recombinant DNA, with variety of technologies and methodologies that could be used to produce useful products from biological systems, living organisms or derivatives.


Third semester:

Students will gain knowledge on how to develop or modify drugs, vaccines or diagnostic agents and specify and design acceptable computational solutions for biological problems. In addition, the students will learn the basics and advance research methods and the ethics.

Forth semester:

The regulations and the impact of biotechnology in the environment in addition to carrying out innovative research projects and problem solving skills will be covered.